Save Time

Managing your renovation project takes time – sometimes, a lot of time! You can’t afford to waste time needlessly. Construction Conductor streamlines your time investment with simple, easy and efficient tools and processes.





Save Money

Construction projects are expensive which is why it’s aggravating when costs soar higher than expected. With 25 years of construction experience, we help control costs without sacrificing your project vision.   Clients save 30% or more in project costs.





Build Smoothly

Happy Older Couple cropped 2Imagine if your project could be hassle and headache-free.  It can! We help you keep control of your project, predict and solve problems, and save time and money. Your dream project, finished on time and under budget; don’t you feel better already?



Three Ways to Get Help

Get the System!

Successful Home Remodeling Final CoverBefore you sign a contract, know what you need, decode contractor-ese, find out where up-charges come from and which are musts or maybes.  Successful Home Remodeling”  provides what you need, to make smart choices every step of the way.



Get Professional Support

iStock_000005537869Large croppedYou’ve just got a good referral but if contractors are in business to make money, who is really looking out for YOU? How will you handle unexpected problems? How will you make sure they won’t go over budget? What happens if the project takes longer than expected? Countless things can go wrong between signing a contract and completing the 

project. How will you protect yourself if you don’t know what you don’t know?


Hire a Consultant

  • Project Management
  • Predictable Cost Control
  • Effective Negotiations
  • Resolve Contractor Conflict
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Eliminate Headaches