Viewer is along for the ride as this merry-go-round spins creating a blurry background.

The success of every construction project has as much to do with seamless communication among owner, contractor and designer as it does having the right materials and people for the job.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way – and when you hit a bump in the road such as the wrong material, a missed deadline or change orders for extra expenses that surface mid-project, all parties can wind up blaming each other in what can quickly become a very nasty ride on the merry-go-round.


That’s where we come in. And not a moment too soon.


Construction Conductor brings more than 25 years of experience in construction, as a project manager, and as an owner advocate. We bring deep insight to every project, a shrewd eye for detail and uncovering nonsense, and an unwavering commitment to saving owners time, money and energy. We know, most designers, architects, and contractors are good people who are trying to do their best, but we also know that projects take a long time to complete and you just can’t trust the fox to watch the hen-house. We know construction projects inside-out, and know what questions to ask and when, and aren’t afraid to ask them.  In other words, we have your back.

How Construction Conductor helped these people…

  • Silas saved $3500 with Richard’s help remodeling his kitchen.
  • Danielle saved more than $15,000 managing her own home remodeling project.
  • Steve saved $2,000 re-roofing his house with Construction Conductor’s expertise.
  • Adrienne saved $8500 Not doing work her contractors told her she ‘Had’ to do.

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