Should you be your own Realtor?

Real estate flippers, investors and sellers know that realtor fees feel expensive. Many become their own realtor to increase profit but is that the best thing to do?
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Top 10 Foolish Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Renovating your home is almost always a good idea. As we go through life and our families grow, we often find that we want things in our home which we couldn’t afford when it was first built. That leaves us with the choice of renovation or selling our home and moving. Of the two, renovation…
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Sometimes Going Forward Takes Compromise

In my experience, owners have different reasons for wanting to get something built. Sometimes there is a disconnect between what they want to build and what they can afford to build. Recently a friend was working on a project where the owner’s design committee stated the budget on the project was up to 20 million dollars. The…
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