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10.5 questions to ask before signing with a contractor.

Before ever signing with a contractor to remodel your home, you will want to talk to several companies to get more information about each. You can choose to talk with each contractor, conducting a short phone interview as you connect, or you can choose to include a questionnaire as part of a simplified interview process,…
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Tricks Contractors Use to Make Their Bids Look Lower

The world of construction is very competitive. Most jobs are awarded to the lowest bidder, regardless of any other considerations. Since contractors need work in order for their businesses to survive, they can become somewhat desperate, doing a number of things to lower the apparent cost of their bids; not all of which are totally ethical. Read this article to find out about some of the tricks which contractors use?

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How contractors get jobs?

From the very beginning, all contractors want to be your friend. They tend to assume there will be competition, and so they know the best way to be selected as your construction contractor is to have a combination of: Good Rapport Good Referral(s) The Best Price Contractors tend to not rely heavily on referrals because…
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