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When do you make money on the property flip?

When do you think you make your money in a property flip? Is it when you buy right or sell quick? I often hear people say, "In real estate investing you make all your money by buying right!" I think that the truth is, "Buying Right" is only part of the 'flipper equation'. Most property flips have…
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Dear Construction Conductor

Dear Construction Conductor: What is the cheapest and best way to get several design ideas for my full kitchen remodel? I know I want to remove a wall, so I will have to use an architect. Sincerely, On a Budget, Austin, TX Dear On a Budget, Thank you for your question. The cheapest and best…
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Can You Afford a Project Manager?

An independent project manager can save you money on your construction project from the very beginning. How much depends on you. Read this article to find out how you can save money well before you start your construction project.

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