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Spring Cleaning Means Spring Repairs Too

Winter has thrown its last temper tantrum at us and now it looks like we can finally settle into spring. People are starting to think about spring cleaning; opening their windows to get some fresh air into their homes. Mops and feather dusters have come out as people try to clean off the dreariness of winter…
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How much contingency should you budget for your project?

Every project budget needs money for contingency. What is a contingency? A contingency is a possible future event that can occur - usually it's a problem. Generally, contingencies arise out of 'unknown conditions' or conditions that could not have reasonably been known.  Unknown conditions are a fact of construction and on some projects there is no real way…
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Making FF&E, Material and Finish Selections

The term FF&E is an acronym for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment. Of course Furniture is movable items such as tables and chairs. Fixtures are the immovable items such as cabinets. Equipment is a machine such as a water-heater or air conditioner. All are used to make a house or other space suitable for living and/or…
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Dear Construction Conductor

Dear Construction Conductor: What is the cheapest and best way to get several design ideas for my full kitchen remodel? I know I want to remove a wall, so I will have to use an architect. Sincerely, On a Budget, Austin, TX Dear On a Budget, Thank you for your question. The cheapest and best…
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