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Can You Afford a Project Manager?

An independent project manager can save you money on your construction project from the very beginning. How much depends on you. Read this article to find out how you can save money well before you start your construction project.

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How contractors get jobs?

From the very beginning, all contractors want to be your friend. They tend to assume there will be competition, and so they know the best way to be selected as your construction contractor is to have a combination of: Good Rapport Good Referral(s) The Best Price Contractors tend to not rely heavily on referrals because…
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Who’s the Project Manager?

The television network, DIY Network, was designed to teach people a little something about residential construction. The network assumes its viewers have little to no experience in construction.  Through a series of tips and tricks the program teaches basic residential construction work that can help make remodeling a home easier. This past weekend while sitting at home, relaxing and watching television, I happened upon a…
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