Construction Coaching

For Residential and Light Commercial Owners with Projects up to 300,000$

Whether residential or light commercial and whether you’ve already started experiencing difficulties or want to make sure you get off on the right foot, Construction Coaching ensures project success.

Get the personal attention you need to ensure that you make the right decisions and take the right actions at the right time.

For Home and Light Commercial Owners project budgets up to $300,000, Conductor Coaching is the only way to get the support of an independent construction project manager to ensure you make the right decision and take the right action at the right time. Conductor Coaching supplements “Successful Home Remodeling” with expertise and answers to your unique questions. Whether you are just thinking about a project, or you want to make sure you get the best possible outcome, Monthly Conductor Coaching is for you.



  • RC HeadshotPersonalized attention
  • Unlimited office hours access
  • Weekly accountability checks
  • Free e-tools and e-documents
  • Free Conductors Toolbox
  • Exclusive Guidance and Instruction
  • Exclusive Access to our FaceBook Group
  • Available Monthly or in Multiple Months
  • Weekly 1-hour Interactive Web meetings
  • Personal attention and objectivity
  • Learn from construction professionals
  • Exclusive Action Tools supplied as needed
    Free Membership to the Closed Facebook Group

  • Interact with others 
  • Get ideas and opinions
  • Unlimited office hours support from Construction Conductor

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