Spring Cleaning Means Spring Repairs Too

Winter has thrown its last temper tantrum at us and now it looks like we can finally settle into spring. People are starting to think about spring cleaning; opening their windows to get some fresh air into their homes. Mops and feather dusters have come out as people try to clean off the dreariness of winter and enter the joy of spring. There’s a feeling of new life in the air as flowers start to bloom and birds start to sing.

How did your home weather the winter? Winter is often hard on homes, and the rains and winds of spring aren’t much better. How are your doors? Do they squeak or need new seals? How about your windows? Are they stuck closed or can’t close completely?  Did you feel a draft through them all winter long?

Our homes do a great job of protecting us from the weather, but in the process it’s our homes that suffer. Harsh winters can damage homes, causing windows to crack and leak. We tell ourselves all winter long that we need to replace those windows or put in a new front door, and then when spring rolls around, we forget about it.

Now is the time to take a good look at your home, casting a critical eye towards its condition. Springtime is more than just cleaning time; it’s time to start making plans for what you want to do to your home, so that it’s ready to make it through the next winter even better. Don’t wait till fall, like lots of people do; by then, you’ll probably forget. Besides, all the contractors will be busy with all the other people who waited as well.

Small new window

Changing out old windows and doors can save you money by providing a home that’s more airtight, eliminating all those drafts you’ve been feeling. While you’re replacing your windows, you can take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade them to double or even triple panes; increasing the insulation value of your home. That will save you money next winter on your heating bill.

A single pane window has an R value of about 1.

Double pane windows can vary from 1.5 to 3.0, depending upon the amount of space, and type of gas between the panes. But the real benefit comes from using better “Low E” glass (or glazing).

Triple pane windows can have an R value as high as 6 and double pane windows with suspended film between the panes, along with low energy glass can have an R value as high as 4.5. That’s more than four times what a single pane window has.

Some repair projects are for your family’s enjoyment; but some, like installing new energy-efficient windows are an investment in your home. They help create a more comfortable living environment in your home, while increasing the “curb appeal” of your home when it’s time to sell.

At Construction Conductor, we make sure you get the best deal, as well as the best contractor. After all, your home is worth it.

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