Successful Home Remodeling

Successful Home Remodeling

Eliminate Construction and Renovation Stress with Smart Project Control!

Because everyone should say:

…I’d do that again!

The complete Construction Conductor’s guide to “Successful Home Remodeling”!

Successful Home Remodeling guides you smoothly through each step of the renovation process – from concept to completion.

It helps you sidestep the pitfalls, contractor issues and potential legal problems, plus save time and money while.

This system makes the renovation process genuinely easy and rewarding.



Why you need Successful Home Remodeling:

Do you have little or no construction experience?
Have you had a negative or an unsatisfactory experience?
Have you heard horror stories you want to avoid?
Do you want predictable project control?
Do you want to stay in budget and finish on time?
Do you want to avoid the headaches that plague most people?
Do you want to stay in budget and finish on time?

If you answered YES then you Successful Home Remodeling is for you.

This book includes:

• A simple step-by-step process anyone can follow
• Tips to successful construction project management
• Secrets contractors don’t want you to know
• Improper construction shortcuts
• How to protect yourself from liens and lawsuits
• How contractors browbeat owners and what to do about it
• 60+ tools, tips and checklists to keep you on track
• Over $360 worth of forms and contract documents

Remember, managing a home construction project is often a difficult and stressful job even under the best of circumstances. And let’s face it – how often do “the best of circumstances” happen? Rarely, if ever!

In other words, you need help. You need someone in your corner and on your side. You need the Construction Conductor.

This book is a huge help to all the members of your project team including architects, interior designers and contractors.

This means they can do a better job for you, helping you complete your project on-time and without going over budget!

This valuable, proven system will save you thousands of dollars, not to mention lots of time, stress and frustration. It will give you the tools, skills and confidence you need to help you make your home remodeling project run a lot more smoothly.

This book is… “How to get things done without lifting a hammer!” ~S. Stabler, homeowner

“Successful Home Remodeling demystified the entire construction process
and kept my project in control!” ~D. Hartman, homeowner

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