Silas ParkerMy wife and I were planning to remodel our home. We were terrified about the entire process because neither of us has any experience in construction remodeling, etc. The entire process was like taking a trip to the moon for us.

Thankfully Richard and his program, helped give us a path to follow. Upon applying the principles in his program we were able to communicate with the contractors and suppliers at a level that made us feel capable and competent.

As a result we saved nearly $3500 in cost savings for both labor and material.

~ Silas Parker, Daylight Wealth

Silas Parker, Daylight Wealth

Alexia PaulElevating the profession is Richard’s fuel. Richard is a savvy and energetic problem solver. He has great insight into building construction management, and is absolutely passionate about it. He works tirelessly to develop better methods and tools for project management. Richard is not just a true advocate for the owner’s interests, but for all the AEC services and trades.

~Alexia Paul, RLA, LEED AP – Owner, Semiraimis Studio, LLC

Ms. Alexia Paul, RLA, LEED AP

Cheryle Rome“As project manager for the Field Museum in Chicago, Richard oversaw several of my projects. I always found him to be very direct, clear, concise, and capable. He was good at clearly communicating what the client wanted and what was expected of me. The client’s best interests and objectives were his foremost concern, yet Richard was fair, thorough and treated me respectfully. I enjoyed working with him and appreciated that he valued my services, too.”

~ Cheryle Rome-Beatty, Owner, CRome Design Associates

Cheryle Rome, http://cromedesign.com/